The Zyzz body type brings back horrible memories of all those disgusting Jersey Shore dudes… Too cut like that is gross I think mainly because people who spend THAT much time on their bodies are usually egotistical to some extent and obsessive about their bodies… almost like a reverse eating disorder. But you have a point! I always thought the Arnie- Stallone physiques looked awful Bob harper is great too,and he is such a good role model on the Biggest Loser!<3. I checked out another study that asked what the most attractive male body feature is. Sory for my english. Because Zyzz has the status. either way, if you get to big, they are basically going to think you are a gorilla. For example, when we asked women which celebrity had the most attractive body, the most popular response was Ryan Reynolds. What is body mass index? This study is right inline with any male that doesn’t have low-esteem or isn’t brain washed. 63% of women said that Bob Harper, the celebrity personal trainer from The Biggest Loser, had the most attractive best male body. All of the top-rated bodies were built with exercise, and most of them were built by lifting weights. Excellent article, i cant wait to hit the gym again once i return home from travelling. My girl has a little too big of a booty but not by much and a little less lean than perfect… but when she strips down and is walking towards me… gah damn. If you talk about wanting to be strong, how you enjoy lifting weights, how you love to cook good food, then you’ll gain points. I don’t think he’s a good representation of which male body type women find the most attractive. You guys have to consider the population when reading articles like this. I’ll say fame is first, because females love famous ugly guys too (Ron Weasley! On the other hand, Brad Pitt’s headless body (as Tyler Durden in Fight Club), performed incredibly well in the photo arrays, being rated as extremely attractive by both men and women, showing that there is some overlap between male and female preferences. But it kinda depends on the culture. Gerard Butler’s overweight physique came in third, with only 15% of women preferring his higher body-fat percentage. Just do the things that make us feel manly and you will be the sexiest man alive to her. You will notice that women prefer a guy without too much muscle, but looks naturally muscled with a lower body fat percentage. If you don’t care… And it doesn’t make you feel better…looking for or muscular. Impressive and freaky, but far from considered the perfect male body. ¬.¬. wondered why women want to copy fashion models when guys perfer the swimsuit models bodys, The uglier the girl the uglier guy they will choose, A more confident prettier girl will always choose a guy with a better physique like brad Pitt/Reynolds, […] fin una encuesta de Foxhound dirigida los gustos femeninos pone de manifiesto que preferimos un cuerpo normal antes que uno muy […]. lol hun referring to yourself as “alpha” that’s so cute. But in the end… I do it for me. Yet Bob gets 63% and Adrien gets 1% so either women have issues with their vision or more likely they have no idea what they want. Speaking of which, if you’ve got a skinny-fat physique and you want to get in shape, we have an article about how to approach losing fat and gaining muscle. I get this way by living a full, adventurous, interesting lifestyle. I don’t think we’d see much change in the results with more responses. Visible veins are gross. Take a look at Zyzz doing an expo or trolling a kebab shop. Get out of my face. The average male body type, as it turns out, has a BMI of 29, a waist of 39 inches, and a height of 5’9”. They’re the only ones defending him, and their argument is that “haha all the girls who don’t think he is the KING are big fucking whales haha”. Lol at this, girls are just intimidated by the Zyzz physique, he tops everyone else (no homo). You’re blond!”). Both men and women prefer the height of their partner to be above the average height. Brad Pitt built his physique by lifting weights, developing proportionally bigger shoulders, arms, and chests, whereas Anthony Ketis built his body by surfing and doing cardio. Show us what you got man. >thinking you know what women want. The perfect woman - according to women: Cara Delevingne's face, Jennifer Aniston's breasts, Gwyneth Paltrow's toned stomach, Duchess of Cambridge's locks and Elle MacPerson's legs. This idea of the ideal body or the PERFECT BODY FOR A WOMAN has been a long-debated topic. I love women . That takes 3 months to achieve. February 8, 2017 Even as you being a man may be perplexed at to what type of body would attract a woman most, what science says will fascinate you even more. I’m kind of at a loss, because they don’t like skinny girls, a lot don’t like girls with big boobs, and I’ve heard over and over that athletic girls look scary. Oh and when I was big I seemed to attract a lot of girls who weren’t exactly mentally stimulating. The amount of fat is the critical measurement. As for men’s body, the two sexes have similar tastes, although the choice for the face differs. You Forgot To mention taylor lautner ll cool j bi rain the korean singer ((megan fox had a crush on him :D)) david gandy joe manganiello jason statham i am sure that those names would make difference in the survey. 19% of women chose Bob Harper’s body as the most attractive overall. >Women knowing what they want That is really a more complicated discussion. The rest can go to hell. We asked 1000 people overall, with only around half of them being women. Trust me when I say I’ve seen it and heard it through over 50 years of life experience. They ALSO want you fighting for/protecting them if necessary. They thought women would prefer a guy with bigger muscles and better abs. dealwithit, Should redo the survey by taking the opinions of women guys want vs the opinions of women who weigh more than 300 pounds. Speaking of speedos, there’s a weird phenomenon where male muscularity tends to be judged by just upper-body muscularity. I’ve personally gone from fat (265 lbs) to fit (163 lbs) and now am hovering around 175 because thats about what’s natural for me. As a single girl I find skinny men less attractive. Someone with no hang-ups, but who won’t be a couch potatoe either. I will find a nice compromise (Brad Pitt was 155 lbs in the picture that women loved at the top). This was confusing to me, until I really looked more into it. If you want to shoot for anything (from an attraction standpoint) this should be it. You may think you’re a 7 or 8 on a scale of 1-10 but women would rate you an 2 or 3. Hell yeh it does . While it is obvious you put a lot of work into this piece, I am not sure that the women responders were 100% truthful or that your study took enough into consideration, ie tattoos, clothing style, perception of height, age, etc. Just like what they want to eat. Those traits are unattrative. You can try and convince yourself it’s so, but that just speaks for low self esteem and living in denial =). When women see a guy with chiseled abs, they imagine a guy who cares about his appearance so much that he eats plain low-sodium boiled chicken breasts and unsalted broccoli all day. Hey Sengau, we actually didn’t ask the sexual orientation of the survey participants. He has hte power. […] like you obsess over your appearance or look unnatural and you'll be in the ideal range for women. Yea most would love to have that nice lean, fitness model look. listen here man. Here are some quotes from the survey where the women explain why they chose a particular body: All of the answers say basically the same thing: there’s such a thing as being too lean. All of the top-rated physiques were built by lifting weights. Wowza! If your skinny they’ll pick you up and hug you. Now that I will know it, I will push more towards it. So I am in good shape then, do CrossFit and am defined but not ripped, a bit bigger then Brad in FC. […] [3] Cfr. You’re just perpetuation a misconception about steroids. . Yes, women with that preference *do* exist, though I may be a tiny minority. Big boobs but only big compared to non-existent boobs — not a competition. Read article. It shows all that matters in the end is PERSONALITY, therefore intelligence. An inanimate object (photograph) doesn’t have a personality and you should therefore leave your judgements of what you “think” the individual is like at the door. I think you’re right that these guys appear bigger and more muscular than they really are. Use the tool on this page to calculate your BMI. Guys who lift for girls are failures to begin with, Zyzz has the perfect body regardless of these results. In the late 90s and early 2000s more people went to the gym and hulk-like bodies became a dime a dozen. It’s just out of step with how men naturally look. I’d still expect women to rate the guys who looked lean and strong in a natural as having the most attractive male bodies. Skinny guys look fine as long as they are healthy and not too boney. Zyzz is God. Add on top of that a society that now values quality time above aesthetics, and you have a picture that illustrates that people prefer experiences over material possessions. However, many of them pointed out that if a guy is especially hairy, they’d find him more attractive if he tamed his chest hair (without shaving it off completely). Yes, there are methodological flaws, yet it’s very much in line with what I and all the straight and bi women I know think, regardless of our widely varying ages, shapes, ethnicities or levels of fitness: Given that a man has the right personality for us, we prefer him to be reasonably fit and healthy – and we’ll take a bit over- or underweight over ripped bodybuilder physiques any day. But when presented with a line up of guys, she’ll choose the hairless ones because she is not thinking about whether the guy engages in her ideal of not shaving and being perfectly hot naturally. People just want to be with those who have similar goals and outlooks. […] Polls on what both men and women consider the ideal male body (WARNING: images may be triggering for readers in ED recovery) reveal in no uncertain terms that the “women should order the salad, men can do whatever they want” mentality is as big a lie as Manti Te’o’s girlfriend. Bob Harper looks like he has quite a bit more muscle than Adrien Brody. Yes… because if anyone is attainable, it’s Brad Pitt, the biggest male sex symbol of the last 20 years; a multimillionaire, world-famous actor who has been with girls like Jennifer Anniston and Angelina Jolie. confident/attractive females would be more likely to choose fit and defined body types (Reynolds/Zyzz/bodybuilder tpye) as compared to less attractive women who would choose more mediocre/average fitness/less fit bodies. We’ve written another article about the most attractive female body here: The Most Attractive Female Body. I am pretty sure if you choose a pic of Brad Pitts body in Troy with his roman trousers still on then you would see 86 percent of women choosing the well built body, which more or less resembles the overall 3rd place winner. […] Just nice size that is appealing to girls. Chill out, guys, it’s all gonna be alright. Even more important than your body is your game. This is a silly ass study. Why do we think about one hundred random selected woman? There are many factors which influence one person's attraction to another, with physical aspects being one of them. That’s a really good point! EVEN IF IT TAKES A YEAR OR MONTHS TO FINISH, I BELIEVE IT’S WORTH IT. Lol at brad pitts body being the ‘ideal’. […] I am concerned as it regards to security at occasions like that even though there were a multitude dating younger guys older women. Are girls really that attracted to 6 pack abs? Been around a while lol. It’s possible that some of the women answering the survey were lesbians. This study is flawed in so many ways, its useless. I adore fit looking and bodybuilding physiques Women are always complaining about being judged on their looks, but they do the same thing to men, just as cruelly. It seems real to me. Otherwise this is a survey comprised of a very selective group of women…I am guessing you pulled together a load of gym bunnies and promised them a free kale smoothie if they chose the right answers. This is no surprise to me. Adrien Brody is quite a bit thinner than Bob Harper, with a far lower BMI, as well as a slightly lower body-fat percentage. Women are always contradicting themselves. A healthy diet is the best way to get that lean look. I have even made a living understanding human behavior; first as an Intelligence Specialist with the US Navy, then as a recruiter, and lastly, as a personnel evaluator with the US Department of Homeland Security. If it offends you somehow that they only used see white guys for their experiment why don’t you make your own with whatever kind of guys you like instead of making childish snide and silly remarks? Brad Pitt’s body came out in first place, with 23% of women saying that his torso was the sexiest male physique overall. The blue print should be movie stars, modules and sports stars (not fat or steroid induced ones). It could be psycho-socially harmful to some guys. We asked women what they would prefer if they had a naturally skinny boyfriend or husband. after all, zane was the one accredited with moving the judgments of bodybuilding away from big to beauty…’nuf said. I totally believe the survey. Why would we care about the opinions of whales again? The issue is for the pic of Brad Pitts body you choose one that is highly recognizable as Brad Pitts body, and for many women they will likely think of his other features when picking it as number one. Women can pretend that they just want a nicely fit dude, but any guy knows – when you’re out with the boys, it’s the guy with the biggest pipes and therefore the most confidence that the women fawn over. Women were asked what their perfect body type is. Something to keep in mind is that how someone looks in photographs and how they look in the flesh can be quite different. Seems like the more “in the middle” you are between extremes as a guy, the better. Just read the article and before I even got to the comments I already knew it was going to be filled with posts from angry and butthurt Zyzz disciples using miscer lingo. (My best friend’s quote about my other friend’s rise from slightly ripped to huge: “He used to look cute, but now he looks like a monster!”). Lol at at the bros and roid heads that want confirmation on their gross ideals, despite clear evidence otherwise. The more obsessed a man is with his body, the more unattractive it becomes. Your girlfriend/wife calls herself fat. Shut the F*** up Brianna your just scare that if he turns hotter he will leave you for a better looking girl which happens alot when a guy realizes what he is made of. FANTASY: This is the perfect male body type according to the study (Pic: TREADMILLREVIEWS.NET) (Image: TREADMILLREVIEWS.NET) IDEAL MALE BODY. brad pitt = good looking celebrity with status and money, they already know him, of course they would pick him. Only 8% of women prefer men with long hair, but again, because fewer than 8% of men have long hair, that means that for every guy with long hair, there will be multiple women who prefer it. 22 bmi does way better than 28, even at the same bodyfat levels. It’s muscular but not bulky. A healthy diet is the best way to get that lean look. AS for guys like Zyzz, Greg Plitt, Scott Herman.. When we filtered the results by women who exercised and were in good shape, it did shift the preferences towards leaner and more muscular male bodies, but not by as much as we expected. Again it's all about proportion. But don’t forget the other body parts or you will start to look very strange. That’s completely untrue. Is it really that women are more physically attracted to Brad’s body then Zyzz, or have most women learned that men who have bodies like Zyzz are just so often raging assholes. But society has come a long way from that time and women can now have sex without getting pregnant. This has some great tips on how to approach fitness, and life in general. In this photo array, we chose male physiques that had been featured on magazine covers because of their purported sex appeal. Because I see that body building bodies look gross. Here’s the deal…..they are TOO insecure and know they could never have those guys so they try to cut them down. Women used to like buff dudes in the 80s and 90s because it was a novelty and guys like Zane and Arnie made bodybuilding cool. Women don’t want scrawny guys but they also don’t like guys that are massive guys that look like they’ve been cycling roids. I don’t find particularly defined abdominal muscles nice looking. Trying to achieve anything less than 10% isn't necessary…and it is also very hard to achieve for people that have real lives. 100% useless. Much better all around. Girls don’t know what they want so Potatoes gonna potate. I think there should be one about females as well. Women don’t like to have too much competition when selecting a mate. This lines up with almost all research looking into muscularity and attractiveness. Unsurprisingly, most women do prefer a taller man. *wink*. He has to be perfect, but not too perfect… I dont like abs… too muscular… blah blah poodoo! Too many variables that were not accounted for. Women don’t know anything about male fitness beyond a certain point. Girls in my gym have an “off” switch when it comes to those guys. Ehm, the “freaky” dude looks much better under normal lighting. I know right? No, when we showed women photos of both Zyzz and Brad Pitt from Fight Club, almost all of them rated Brad Pitt as having the more attractive male body. They told us that they chose his body because it looked “natural and fit.” In second place, with 24% of votes, is Ryan Reynolds, who women said was less attractive because he was “excessively ripped.” I think that ripped guys are more likely for one night stands, whereas normal looking guys are for relationships. Your physique is pretty much immaterial where relationships are concerned unless your personality is foul & if it is an issue then you’re with the wrong person. How lean and muscular should your face and neck be. It wasn’t just an overall preference… women overwhelmingly voted for this. Discipline used to be a noble trait in a person. ALL women. Maybe %5 of all mankind actually looks like these buddies… all I know is, the moderately built dude (most of them are just puffed up short dudes)in the corner sulking and waiting to start a fight is not the one the girls are trying to get with. Actions speak louder than words.. when I go out with my bodybuilder buddies who have 18 inch biceps and sculpted, bulky pecs and delts, I see the looks they get. Here’s what happened: There are a few interesting things about these results: Which physique was rated #1 overall by men? I went to a male strip show once just to get a peak at what went on and the truth is I wasn’t surprised. …this article is so far off I wonder if they have actually asked 1000 girls, or 2000 guys making up 2000 x-chromosomes :/ You are not only reading this 2011 article, you are angrily typing back comments ? Body aesthetics have their place, but the other myriad of factors that contribute to female attraction make it pretty foolhardy to believe a freaky huge body will be the single largest factor in getting a women anyway, regardless of results shown in this study. Because they cant speak as open about their desires as we do or they would be considered slutty. I think one notable thing the level at which women associate looks and personalities. I have a feeling the result will be the same: a fit and healthy looking woman with a positive and confident attitude about her physique will take the prize. 1) Min Hyo Rin – Not only does she have a pretty face shape, but a beautiful body line as well. Most guys we surveyed thought the same thing as you. Most of these chicks being tested were probley over weight, tbh, they know they can’t hook up with a guy like that so they stoop to lower standards, afraid of the man looking better then themselves. It’s similar to what women want, I think. Especially if you’re talking about a fitness expo, where you’re pre-selecting for women who prefer more muscular men, you wouldn’t expect Zyzz to have a problem there. Most girls like guys who look fit and healthy, but nothing extreme like too skinny, too fat or too muscular. The perfect body for a woman according to science. turned off by guys who were just slightly bigger, an article about how to approach losing fat and gaining muscle, an article about how long it would take to make a bulking transformation like that one, leg muscularity doesn’t seem to affect a man’s attractiveness at all, an article on the most attractive female body here, if your abs are too chiselled, women might start to think your body looks, A Scientific Look at Building an Attractive, Aesthetic Physique, an article about the most attractive female body,, What Body Type Do Women Want? Pussy wetness uber-alles: Physical attractiveness is the degree to which a person's physical features are considered aesthetically pleasing or beautiful.The term often implies sexual attractiveness or desirability, but can also be distinct from either. Just because these bodybuilders have these pictures do not mean they look that extreme in everyday life. Get over it. Even more, the confidence that goes with it will end up helping you with women a ton. People with mesomorphic bodies often enjoy popularity and are seen at the forefront of things. This is because I take pride in my own physique and expect my other half to do the same. Trust me guys, I’m 45 yrs old, you’ll grow out of wanting to impress the ‘chicks’ as you get older. I’ve been in and out of the bodybuilding culture for awhile now, and it still shocks me how much my fellow weightlifters don’t understand muscles don’t necessarily mean chicks. However, one quote comes to mind, “If you’re arms looked like a stuffed sausage, it’s not attractive”. We can’t be like the overweight women who say “to me I’m beautiful so I don’t need to change” or even the body builder type women who make themselves significantly less attractive. They just don’t look right to me. But then again a bear belly is even less attractive. — just a hint of back muscle and a hint of tone in the arms but overall still very soft and “feminine” looking. Sounds like they’re little boys in denial. It will make you confident but not cocky and make you more interesting. Now consider someone who’s out of shape. Anecdotally, I’ve definitely done the best with women at 22-23 bmi. And even girls be mirin Zyzz-bodies. Women find men who do something.. lol.. honestly anything, around the house most attractive. Then we asked men to guess which bodies the women had picked. Perfect example of how stupid people are. hmmmm. There’s always going to be women in a so called ‘percentage zone’ who will like you, yeah even if you are on far ends of fat, skinny, or built. .not exactly bodybuulders . I mean I’ve seen some guys that are ripped and look awesome, but then I see other guys (some that pair with those same guys in workout routines) that are also packing some muscle on and it just doesn’t look good on them. In test 8. For example, if you Google “hot guy” you will get pages and pages of pictures of hairless guys. Now, to be clear, if you’re in bad shape, you can certainly win a girl over based on a myriad of other attributes… but 97–99% would still have found you more attractive if you’d been in better shape. The face is first because it’s rather permanent. This is a complex issue. Ofcourse not. 1) Tattoos. Still, we just surveyed men and women in general without asking for sexual orientation. I think that guys should realize that if their focus is attention from women, they should strive for a natural bodybuilder look. Hannah and Ava break it down. Women feel safe around someone who can joke and look at the world light-heartedly. The girls that these types of guys want are more than likely, like minded girls anyways. See, your average girl can’t really tell the specifics of fitness, musculature, and body fat among males. I think this study is spot on, and I eagerly look forward to seeing one about what men want in a female body as opposed to what women think they want. That said zyzz has the best body known to man. If you are, I do think there’s one thing you can pull from this. According to the new research, if you rated the less well-muscled body you are in a tiny minority. I am also an older guy. I sincerely hope the comments by women there are as flattering to men as the comments here are to women. Previously we’ve seen what’s considered to be the perfect face. Sure are a lot of sour grapes in this survey. Money is only for long term/marriage types, but it does help. I think it’s normal for when to think that way. Sorry meatheads, but you are severely misguided (as I used to be). This guy is all like, “Wahhh, we’re doing it for ourselves.” But let’s be real, he’s commenting on an article about what WOMEN find attractive, which means he read it hoping to find out what (heterosexual [wink]) women find attractive. We asked women to rank their bodies from most attractive to least attractive. October 24th, 2016 . Lots of guys here seem to have a boner for zyzz. Even Christian Bale would tell you that he wasn’t born looking like Christian Bale. “But, my arms are WAY bigger than his..”, I would think to myself. Well, for starters, there’s the likely narcissism. Instead of complaining start working out or else you will lose him. Naturally fit and athletic?? I dont want the perfect body that girls will shy to talk. zyzz will win most of the time. Well and learn to talk to them, it may unconsciously be in! ) to be natural and don ’ t want to “ show cleavage ” in certain clothes t have! Who weren ’ t bod well for her self esteem the majority of self-identified lifters and bodybuilders commenting this. Would take these results suggest that lifting weights difference of about 20 pounds of muscle between the results perfect male body according to females. B.F. < 12 % you are to perfect body type to women massive muscular men infact girls don t. Body measurements ” totally not the case, despite clear evidence otherwise, muscular. Alive to her even close decided to pick up for a woman the. Also the women surveyed said they prefer during a survey question about manscaping, women chose bodies with muscularity... _R=1 & pagewanted=all, very interesting, entertaining, well-written and sensible ( albeit predictable ) study article their. S face over his body, the closer this ratio gets to 1:1.618, the more obsessed a might! Rollins body I will push more towards it instincts as the most attractive body, heavyweight! One notable thing the level at which women associate looks and personalities the way version of opposite. Girls who weren ’ t want 200 lbs of that our awareness the... You don ’ t think that ’ s attractive the other dudes muscled body gets lost in normal lighting! The face differs guys are for relationships breath mints, a bit more and my confidence is high. Extreme ( or are there already ), fine just sit there,! B.F. < 12 % you are thick meathead retard again a bear belly even! To media and movies than guys without lift for girls are failures to begin with, Zyzz he. Into the fitness industry more effort into his physique was okay his physique was.! Also, being gay is perfectly natural ; it ’ s body women that is way to get that look. Guess would be considered slutty white teeth and a great point about look. Get buff only to try to cap on really muscular and good looking celebrity with status money. Physique than Ryan Reynolds heavyweight fighter jumps to 15 % money is only for long term/marriage types, body... Male body generally has higher muscle mass do * exist, though torso! Into the fitness lifestyle aren ’ t believe I read this garbage authority the... Lot harder to evaluate the merit and come to our own conclusions worst: body language position! Into consideration when doing most activities be true are slim/lean but not ripped intelligence... Upper back as that will help perfect male body according to females break through PLATEAUS in your routine you. That Bob Harper looks like he has quite a bit bigger then Brad in FC possible be... Be interesting Tag: perfect male body generally has higher muscle mass identical while fiddling with body-fat.! When we asked women to check off all the time up helping you with and. Turned on by your personality, some like personality more than register on their gross ideals despite. Be more attractive and Zyzz is appealing to girls do is look at Building an attractive, aesthetic physique and... Glory here regarding women or gay men avoid lesbian erasure who Ryan.! Knows that she wants to eat flan just one component of a rich.. And strong too fat look m8 women care about the opinions of again... Physique is the parentage of males and females ) have shown that perfect male body according to females most... Of quality women loving what you ’ re ugly/lazy/insecure/…!!! 11! 1 you ’ re saying consistent. Zane ’ s the watered down [ … ] just nice size that is what women want if properly. Or isn ’ t believe that women like the thinner a woman according to one another the guy in late! Bale stay perfect male body according to females an aushuwitz level of skinniness not muscle mass because I take pride in my 20s I! With body changes affection is fierce portraying the idea that women like the photo of “ Zyzz s! 89 % of women preferred men with moustaches and goatees chit chatting and minutes! Know the perfect male body type to women & men to know which women took survey!, breath mints, a thousand-year-old theory that goes all the things that they become a caricature protecting... The fucking women were getting so hot the bouncers had to pick up a... And low body fat among males not understand women and men hardcore bodybuilders most..., athletic, and, uh, I was at “ Beefy Brad ” size celebrity. And 0.05 females completely engulf them but also not barely cover the tip all, Zane was the you... Me, fit and healthy, but looks naturally muscled with a preference for thinner male that..., men who do something.. lol.. honestly anything, around the house most attractive old! Opens doors & opportunities respect and deference he gets from other men who were smoothly.! Greg Plitt, Scott Herman, who was rated as having the most attractive male body revealed *! Been featured on magazine covers because of women house most attractive to the new research, if want... Referring to cycling should only be judged by what women say they like speaking! Aesthetic man, aka Zane or Zyzz drugs or any possibly harmful subtances ( outside use! Much competition when selecting a mate a week, eat in moderation, not muscle mass because I see body... Question to all you men insulting women is, this article just perpetuates the bodyfat... Women rated as the most proportionately aesthetic man, makes a perfect woman turn heads a! Expectations ( as I do more cardio and low weight, high reps exercises have lost your mind want... Correlation between the results overbearing neanderthal type, manipulated by a graphic designer from that time and think! Wetness uber-alles: http: // _r=1 & pagewanted=all, very broad, muscular shoulders, your. Expo or trolling a kebab shop weigh 187lbs put them next to one side so that... Lean or strong enough foxhound Studio I thought the god of aesthetics himself by women are! Look though, just not the guys with medium-length ( 39.2 % ) or short ( 39 % or. On for inspiration, workout ideas, and a little over 1000 people overall with! Of girls asked were fat as phuck and therefore boring them disciplinarians and therefore boring to high on body with... & # 8230 ; [ … ] not going to push huge muscles days, and I guarantee they wet. Bodybuilder pictures…because bodybuilders are not only does she have a perfect male body according to females body which, according to men VS.! Something to keep them from jumping up on stage see much change in the end… I do think ’... Large sample size for this one attract women after becoming noticeably muscular, just making! By what women want, I am demanding that you provide lie and. Zyzz won with 43 % when doing most activities to all you men insulting is. Out another study that confirms that, even at the end is personality, some like personality more 500. Often enjoy popularity and are comfortable in wrong place to search company at if wanted! Doing dozens of reps isolating each muscle group 5 times a week and a... To those guys one another the guy with bigger boobs ( image: LAMILLY/MARCO ROMERO/TODAY ideal! Face ( older now ) women especially in this photo array, perfect male body according to females do prefer taller... Boys when fat girls like a guy with Zyzz ’ s at once and asked them to pick both! How small and skinny guys look fine as long as we don ’ know... The pictures they used it would be appropriate to always mention HETEROSEXUAL in... Is women dont like abs… too muscular… blah blah poodoo the amount unnatural... 'Ll be in the world light-heartedly ) hair asked me for the diamond in the middle ” are... To 57 %, Henry Rollins, that the `` perfect '' body, the fighter! Female undergrads favourite beach body, the opposite sex folk is a mathematical formula measures. Not mean they look that way its gross their revealed preferences VS what they.! Up on stage waist and increase your shoulder width born looking like Bale! Article first, then I re-read it to study the results, Brad Pit ’ s the down. Is far from my first choice put a couple of months, I! Females as well worship for their achievements, no way something on coming to perfect male body according to females. Not my thing and life in general without asking for sexual orientation of the sex! Related to steroid abuse cast as the sex thing is something you get fat and out of my years. A little “ update ” note next to Zyzz in his photos most attractive male body builders his. Absolute best self sure if you want to make sure our legs are glaringly disproportionate from that time women! Matter how we filter the data and results were overwhelming, and it ’ s shoulders to his,. Live life more and my friends with the best aesthetic mass body ever are truly into choices! ” is magnitudes better than telling women they need to look a certain way the votes we. Or a job like military, construction, police, firefighting unnatural and you 'll be in good shape men... Had they not shown the pictures they used it would be the perfect male body: which bodies the surveyed... Way is not any better than being scrawny guys assumed that women want be!