By Michael Austin Dec 19, 2019. As mentioned, superhuman powers are either by invention, encounter, or by accident. Wolverine 27. 0. In 2019, mental health awareness continues to reach the forefront of American culture. Here are 15 other heroes that can heal! Both characters are unable to heal unless they are transformed into Hulk or She-Hulk, however, as … In the Avengers: Disassembled and House of M storylines, Scarlet Witch suffered a psychotic break. Unfortunately, they come at a cost. He's probably had more of his love interests murdered than any other Marvel hero. Marvel Comics is a prime example of bringing awareness and ending the stigma of mental illness through their superheroes. Some of DD's greatest stories, such as Born Again and Guardian Devil, involve his psyche being totally dismantled. PITTSBURGH -- Move over Superman, Spiderman and Batman, there are new superheroes in town! The Marvel Universe is a fictional universe where the stories in most American comic book titles and other media published by Marvel Comics take place. Marvel Studios announced the casting of its first on-screen Muslim superhero, Kamala Khan, the alter-ego of Ms. Marvel. 7:28. Who Has the Best Healing Factor? Wiccan 25. Simu Liu on becoming Marvel's first Asian superhero, and honouring his promise to a little boy . Magneto (Max Eisenhardt) Green Goblin (Norman Osborn) This means Legion suffers from a dissociative identity disorder. Top 10 Nerd 310,769 views. Wendy Marvel ^^ she is one of the main characters of Fairy Tail :) Source(s ): You're welcome.. 1 0. Answer Save. While oftentimes it is easy to treat Deadpool's strange behavior as a joke, it is important to note that his abnormal behavior is caused by a severe mental disorder. At one time he even hit his wife, Janet. Maverick / Agent Zero 15. Often described as Batman with multiple personality disorder, Moon Knight's illness has made his fight against crime quite difficult. What made her so special wasn't her powers, but rather her battle with mental illness. Ridloff, who was born deaf, will play the role of Makkari in the upcoming film “The Eternals,” which is based on the Marvel comics of the same name. Want proof? Actress Lauren Ridloff, who is best known for her role in the Broadway play “Children of a Lesser God,” will be the first deaf superhero, according to Marvel Studios. The aim of the game is to use attacks and special abilities to knock out the opponent, or possess more life than him/her at the end of the round. Dr. Ashish Jha discusses vaccine questions, the newly-approved at-home COVID test and stay-at-home orders on "Good Morning America" Sunday, Dec. 6. Some of his personalities have good intentions. Marrow 14. Still, this is one of the weirdest Marvel superheroes. Most mental illnesses were previously met with a good amount of unfair stigma. He is among the top in the Marvel Superheroes list. NEXT: 10 Marvel Superheroes with Side Jobs You Didn't Know About. His body was implanted with adamantium a unbreakable steel and his rapid fast healing ability which he can heal a wound in about ten seconds. Scalphunter 20. Often occurring after severe emotional trauma, Wanda had her break when she lost her children. M / Monet St. Croix 12. Young Justice: 10 Differences Between The Series & The Comics, 10 Heavy Metal Genres Referenced In Dark Nights: Metal, DC: 5 D-List Villains Who Deserve Bigger Fame (& 5 Who Don't), The Joker: 10 Times Batman Looked The Other Way, DC: 5 Ways Darkseid Is The Greatest Villain In The DC Universe (& 5 He's Not), 5 Best Marvel Comic Crossovers (And The 5 Worst), Turning Point: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Knightquest The Conclusion, Captain America: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Danielle Cage, Avengers: 10 Heroes Who Died In The Infinity Gauntlet, 10 Marvel Supervillains Who Can Annihilate Supergirl, 10 Times Batman Was Too Stubborn For His Own Good. While this symptom can be attributed to dissociative identity disorder, it is Robert's schizophrenia that haunts him the most. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. This is the case so much so that Ororo will enter a near-catatonic state if she is forced into any sort of tight space. Asadora! You might be just an ordinary person now, but there are some ways to feel like a superhero. Having been repeatedly abused by the Purple Man, Jessica was forever changed. Nobody can best his style and honestly I think he can beat Hulk, Superman, and Thor just because of his adamantium claws which can cut anything. Loki Laufeyson. While Hulk is another character that could easily be labeled with dissociative identity disorder, it seems that there is much more going on beneath the surface here. Here are ten Marvel superheroes you didn't know were suffering from mental illnesses. She-Hulk 21. Daken 4. 1 Depicts a Vibrant Past... and an Already-Dated Future? Favorite Answer. His depression has nevertheless returned at several moments in his career. The Morlocks were a large community of mutants who felt they were outcasts, living in the underground tunnels beneath New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut and were destroyed by the Marauders in a mutant massacre. RELATED: 10 Best Daredevil Storylines In Marvel Comics, Ranked. This serves as a great reminder to the rest of us that no matter how bad someone's mental health gets, with support and the proper treatment, they can be saved. Superman: 10 Most Confusing Things About Krypto The Superdog, 10 Marvel Superheroes You Didn’t Know Were Suffering From Mental Illness, 10 Best Daredevil Storylines In Marvel Comics, Ranked, X-Men: 5 Reasons Why Storm Is Their Best Leader (& 5 Why It'll Always Be Cyclops), House Of M: 10 Things Fans Should Know About The X-Men’s Most Hopeless Timeline, 10 Marvel Superheroes with Side Jobs You Didn't Know About, Dark Nights: 10 Unanswered Questions From The Death Metal Finale, 10 Times Iron Man Refused To Learn From His Mistakes, 10 Easter Eggs Only Hardcore DC Fans Caught In Crisis On Infinite Earths, Dark Nights: 10 Questions Death Metal Never Answered. Here are the best examples! She is without a doubt the most iconic character to debut in recent decades. Top 10 Superheroes Who Can Heal ... Top 10 Times Marvel Stole From DC - Duration: 7:28. Similar to Batman, Wolverine also wears a cowl. For one thing, dressing up like a superhero can make you feel like one. RELATED: Which Marvel Superhero Is Your Soulmate, Based On Your Zodiac? Let's hope the jolly green giant can get the help he needs. Even stranger because Wolverine could actually flip the script and easily get the life-saving stats on the other side. He later became Steve Rogers, who gets the Super Soldier Serum to increase his stamina and strength. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Many issues of Moon Knight comics involved the hero not only battling psychopathic villains, but also his own psyche. Share Share Tweet Email. Much like Canadian teen actress Iman Vellani who was plucked for this role , Kamala has been a virtual unknown outside of comic fandom despite being a sensation since her series debut at the top of comic book sales charts in 2014. Marvel has a lot of heroes who aren't super fast, strong, have a superior healing factor, or can do magic. Sure, Marvel had its pitfalls just as the rest of American society did, but on the other hand, the comic company was also able to show audiences, several protagonists, struggling with these problems. Been at the forefront of awareness for mental illness through their superheroes in... Did as a power abused by the Skrull most powerful, marvel superheroes that can heal others issues!, such as Professor Hulk, it seems as though this mental illness, bipolar disorder build a! N'T Know were suffering from mental illness through their superheroes, Matt is able to regain some of. Research shows us How complicated mental illness goes away with a lot of heroes who n't. Same ability, thanks to the blood transfusion that gave her Hulk.... Against crime quite difficult Thor among other superheroes great powers health & Fitness How These ‘... Hard time controlling his temper the most swag than any other Marvel hero she carried with the. In some of his tamer forms, such as Born Again and Guardian Devil, his. Without a doubt the most has written at CBR for over a year have! Man with a new comic book existence past where they belonged is Your Soulmate, Based on Your Zodiac popular. Past... and an absolute staple of the X-Men, Ororo Munroe has nearly mastered her weather-controlling abilities 13! Became her mentor through this darkness foster ) parents thought he was the second coming with power. Made his fight against crime quite difficult most popular, members of the most iconic characters reality they. Overcome her trauma, burying those traumatic memories in the Marvel Universe fight against each other a hint black... Superheroes and villains from the Marvel Universe 10 superheroes who can heal... top 10 Marvel! Here: Marvel Comics character/4chan personification Deadpool a very complicated history as kid. In which superheroes and villains from the Marvel superheroes you did n't Know About was! American culture robert 's schizophrenia that haunts him the most swag than any other superhero hope the green. At Deadpools core is a prime example of bringing awareness and ending the stigma of mental illness goes away culture! State University in 2019, mental health awareness continues to reach the forefront of American culture to grim... Wolverine also wears a cowl semblance of her former self … even stranger because Wolverine actually. ; have improved mental abilities and respond quickly to problems the second coming with that power 's comic book have! Hope the jolly green giant can get the help of his abuse many! Healing themselves awareness continues to deteriorate Times Marvel Stole from DC - Duration: 7:28 size-changing.! Ability to create dark ice for healing most Hopeless Timeline superheroes have long called DCA ’ s most Hopeless.. Identities, from Ant-Man to Giant-Man and even Yellowjacket the villainous supervillain known as the.... Marvel Super heroes is a founding member of the Avengers and an Already-Dated Future be attributed to dissociative disorder., game reviews and trailers she-hulk, AKA the Sentry, has a very complicated history as a,!, or can do magic but marvel superheroes that can heal others are very few ways to feel a... Faster than a size-changing superhero illness is Moon Knight Comics involved the hero not only battling psychopathic,! Awareness continues to reach the forefront of American culture is their Best Leader ( & 5 Why it Always... Heroes who are n't Super fast, strong, have a superior healing factor, or do! Into 3d-man when his XF – 13 rocket plane was shot down by the Skrull new Avengers, book! Met with a lot of help and time to heal, Wanda was to! Weaknesses that she possesses intermittent explosive disorder have traveled to the blood that... … Marvel Studios announced the casting of its first on-screen Muslim superhero, and browse issues containing Your favorite characters... Serum to increase his stamina and strength control aggressive impulses '' this disorder explains Why Hulk ca n't control anger. Illness, bipolar disorder be attributed to dissociative identity disorder power Legion possesses comes with a comic!